Gautam Runwal, PhD

Postdoc Scholar - Neurology

The role of α-synuclein in exocytosis.

Experimental neurology

Runwal GM, Edwards RH


The Membrane Interactions of Synuclein: Physiology and Pathology.

Annual review of pathology

Runwal G, Edwards RH


A DNM2 Centronuclear Myopathy Mutation Reveals a Link between Recycling Endosome Scission and Autophagy.

Developmental cell

Puri C, Manni MM, Vicinanza M, Hilcenko C, Zhu Y, Runwal G, Stamatakou E, Menzies FM, Mamchaoui K, Bitoun M, Rubinsztein DC


LC3-positive structures are prominent in autophagy-deficient cells.

Scientific reports

Runwal G, Stamatakou E, Siddiqi FH, Puri C, Zhu Y, Rubinsztein DC


Autophagy in childhood neurological disorders.

Developmental medicine and child neurology

Zhu Y, Runwal G, Obrocki P, Rubinsztein DC


Transcriptional regulation of Annexin A2 promotes starvation-induced autophagy.

Nature communications

Moreau K, Ghislat G, Hochfeld W, Renna M, Zavodszky E, Runwal G, Puri C, Lee S, Siddiqi F, Menzies FM, Ravikumar B, Rubinsztein DC